Early Years

PlaygroupBlack Cockatoos is a supported playgroup running 2 sessions a week at Goolum Goolum, on Monday and Wednesday

Kinder integration-Kinder integration is a service to help parents whose children are transitioning from playgroup to kinder and kinder to prep

For more information on Early Years services phone (03) 53816 307



Local Justice Worker Program (LJWP)-    The LJWP aims to help community members who need assistance for any justice related issues e.g. getting on payment plans for fines, getting to court, organising work for Community Based Orders.

Youth Justice-Youth justice provides support to youth and their families for completing Youth Justice Orders.

For more information on Justice services contact (03) 53816 315


Community Home Support Program


Formerly known as HACC, CHSP  services support eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members who are either aged (50+), frail or live with a disability.  Young people can also be eligible if they meet the criteria. The funded services are listed below.

        • Domestic assistance
        • Planned activity group
        • Property Maintenance
        • Allied Health Service

Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making (AFLDM)

Family Conveners assist children, family and professionals through the AFLDM process and empower the family to take lead in making decisions and plans. In the meeting, convenors are required to support all participants and facilitate appropriate participation, as well as maintaining a safe (physical, emotional and cultural) environment that results in robust plans for the future care and protection of children.

For more information on AFLDM please call (03) 53816 310

Integrated Family Services

Extensive in-home support to families who may be experiencing difficulties or who are at risk.

For more information on IFS please call (03) 53816 333

Koolin Balit

Koolin Balit  sets out what the Department of Health & Human Services, together with Aboriginal communities, other parts of government and service providers, will do to achieve the government’s commitment to improve Aboriginal health. Goolums program is called Wirrin-ditch-murrun-dalk (Children living Healthy in Wergaia language). Our Koolin Balit program aims to deliver healthy lifestyle initiatives aimed at children and families.

For more information on Health Activities/Initiatives please call (03) 53816 326

Bringing Them Home (BTH)

Bringing them home is a program aimed at community members who have been affected directly and/or indirectly by past removal policies.

For more information on the BTH program please call (03) 53816 329